Split 49ers ticket packages

Can’t make it to every game or afford a full Season Ticket?

 Through Season Share you can now save time and money by splitting and sharing your tickets with up to three other 49ers fans. Download the Season Share app to purchase, split and share 49ers Ticket Packages.
Who we are.
San Francisco 49ers and Season Share have partnered to help the Faithful split and share tickets for the 2020 NFL season. Get the best seats at Levi's® Staidum at the best prices. Period. We are multi-game tickets for modern life. Faithful then, Faithful now. Welcome to Season Share.  
What we do.
We allow fans to browse available ticket inventory and then create a ticket group. Invite your friends to your ticket group and only pay for your portion of the season. Personalize your 49ers season by selecting the games you want to attend during your ticket draft. Finally, shared season tickets are here! 
How we do it.
We have partnered with the 49ers and Ticketmaster to allow fans to split and share multi-game ticket purchases through our first-of-its-kind web and mobile apps. Just log in, choose your seats, invite your friends, choose your games, and tickets are available directly within your 49ers Team Account. 

How it works.

Try the app now.

You got questions? We got answers.

What is Season Share?
Season Share is a mobile application that allows fans to split and share ticket purchases. Think of us like Airbnb for sports tickets. Season Share is a concept created purely out of necessity by fans for fans. We offer a simple, streamlined solution for 49ers fans to split both new and existing ticket plans. Season Share is the first mobile app that enables fans to buy, group, split and share multi-game tickets to live sporting events. Our common goal is to make live events more accessible for fans just like you.
How do I use Season Share?
Download the app. Create a new 49ers ticket group to view available inventory. Select your section and number of seats - transparent pricing is provided along the way so you can make the best decision for your budget. Invite share partners from your contact list to split your ticket package. You only pay for your portion of the ticket. The group leader can schedule your group’s ticket draft as soon as the NFL schedule is released. Select your games in a snake-style draft (similar to fantasy sports). After the game draft tickets are available in both your 49ers Account Manager and Season Share account. Enjoy the game!
I already own a season ticket, can I use Season Share?
Yes! When season tickets become available within your 49ers Account Manager account download the Season Share app, create an account, then select upload season tickets. Only full season tickets are eligible for use on Season Share. Once uploaded, you can specify how many share partners you want to split your season ticket with then send invites to the members of your ticket group directly from the mobile app. Once your share partners download the app and create an account, they will make payments for their portion of the season ticket directly to you, the group leader. Once the group members have completed their payments, the group leader is prompted to schedule the groups game draft. After the game draft, tickets for the individual games users selected in the draft are automatically transferred from the group leader's account into the group members separate accounts. After tickets are transferred, you can manage your tickets through the Season Share app, or directly within your 49ers Account Manager account. 
How do I invite my friends to a ticket group?
After logging-in to Season Share select “New Season Ticket Group” or “Upload Season Ticket” if you already own tickets. After you select available inventory or upload your existing tickets you can send invite codes to your share partners directly from the app via SMS. Once your share partners receive the code, they simply download the app, pay for their portion of the ticket and are then notified when the Group Leader schedules the draft.
What happens if I win an odd number of games? Am I charged less?
When you purchase a new ticket package on season share we charge a deposit for the max you could pay based on length of schedule and group size. If you get an odd number of games in the draft the system automatically refund you the difference to the card you made the payment on.
Who gets first pick in the draft?
Good question! The Group Leader gets the first pick in the draft. The group leader is the person who created the ticket group or uploaded their existing tickets to share. The draft order is set based on the order that ticket members are added to the group - so when you get your Season Share invite, make sure to create your account and submit payment to ensure you get a good spot in the draft order. 
How are SBL’s handled on Season Share?
SBLs Purchased on Season Share 

Once a season ticket transaction is completed between Season Share and the purchaser (s), Season Share owns the SBL until the license cost has been paid in its entirety. The 49ers offer 10-year SBL financing to Season Share members. The annual cost is then split between group members. In order to qualify, the group must purchase the same tickets from Season Share for 10 consecutive successive seasons.

Once paid in full, ownership of the SBL will transfer from Season Share to the Group Leader of the ticket group upon written request to Season Share. If your group does not renew, Season Share will retain ownership of the SBL for future seasons. See the SBL Purchase Process here - https://seasonshare.com/terms-of-service/

The “Group Leader” is the initial member of the group who invites the other members to the ticket group. Changes of the Group Leader must be submitted in writing to Season Share, and all changes must be approved unanimously by all members of the group. In the event of a dispute over the designation of Group Leader and/or assignment of the SBL, all members of the group agree to hold harmless and indemnify Season Share, Forty Niners Football Company LLC, Forty Niners Stadium Management Company LLC, the City of Santa Clara, and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority its licensee, assigns, employees, attorneys, contractors, teams, leagues, stadiums, owners, principals, and agents, from any claim, dispute, or legal proceeding amongst the members involving the SBL and/or designation of Group Leader. Season Share will abide by any unanimous decision of the group, settlement agreement, and/or binding court order related to the disposition of the SBL subject to third-party rules and regulations governing the respective SBL.

SBL ownership and transfers shall be subject to each city/state/county/team/league/stadium/venue/league/associations rules, applicable agreements (which are incorporated herein by reference), regulations, and timelines.

Existing SBL Holders

Season Share does not require any change in ownership or additional requirements for existing season ticket holders who own the SBL when sharing their season tickets on the Season Share platform. Nothing changes for the current SBL holders when using Season Share, whether you own your SBL outright or are currently financing your SBL through the team.   
Do I receive 49ers ticket holder benefits as a Season Share member?
Customers who purchase 49ers multi-game ticket packages on Season Share have access to the following 49ers ticket holder benefits;

- Invitation to Member Events: Draft Party presented by Bud Light
- Training Camp Practice
- Annual State of the Franchise event with 49ers football and business personnel
- Eligibility for Annual Gift
- Eligibility for Annual Seat Upgrade Program
- Eligibility to participate in on-field pregame ceremonies at 49ers home games
- Eligibility for Annual drawing for Super Bowl tickets
- Expanded Club Access (limited to certain ticket packages)
- Some or all benefits may be limited to the number of seats in the ticket group 
How does the draft process work?
Our ticket drafting process is a fun and engaging way for fans to divide the games in any multi-game ticket package. Just like fantasy sports drafting, fans get an equal amount of high, mid and low tier games as the package is distributed to group members during the drafting process. Choose wisely and enjoy the game. 
How do I access my tickets after my game draft?
Within 48 hours after the game draft, tickets are available within your existing 49ers Account Manager account on the 49ers website, app or directly on Season Share. If you don’t have a 49ers Account Manager account, the app will prompt you to create one prior to the game draft.
I have more questions - where can I get customer support?
You can get direct customer support by chatting with your dedicated Season Share support rep within the app’s chat area or by using the customer support button, available on most pages of the app. You can also email support@seasonshare.com