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San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Kickoff Giveaway Winner Announcement

Fellow fans.

Please meet San Francisco 49ers football fan, Henry Y. Henry crushed our competition with multiple entries via social actions and referrals. Thanks Henry! Congrats on winning our first San Francisco 49ers giveaway.

A bit about Henry

season share 49ers ultimate kickoff giveaway winner 2018

Henry is a diehard 49ers football fan and all around bay area sports fanatic. He has been a 49er fan since 2002. Henry’s favorite moment as a 49er fan was the 2002 NFL Wild Card weekend game against the Giants. Back then Henry didn’t really understand football as much as he does now. The 49ers were down 38-14 in the 3rd quarter; Jeff Garcia pushed his squad and led the Niners to a win. It was exciting and amazing to watch the team collaborate as a unit to get the “W”. This made Henry instantly become a 49er fan, and he hasn’t stopped watching 49ers Football ever since.

Henry’s favorite classic 49er is a tie between Joe Montana and Steve Young but he wasn’t alive during to watch them play live. However, Henry does YouTube videos of their greatness – respectable enough! Henry’s favorite recent 49er player of all time is none other than the beast, Frank Gore. Henry loved Frank Gore because he was so tough and durable. “Gore was an awesome team player because stats did not matter to him, he just wanted the team to win.” We feel that 100%, Henry.

Congrats on winning our 49ers giveaway. Enjoy the game!

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