Several years ago, two friends were splitting season tickets. Both die-hard basketball fans, it was a dream come true. There is something special about being a season ticket holder to your favorite team. Jump forward and the season was here. To divvy up the tickets we, naturally, had an in-person ticket draft, spreadsheets were used to track games, calendar invites were set up -- the whole nine yards. Even then, several games were missed due to planning and running across town to one another, among many other scenarios things became more complicated than imagined. Does this sound familiar to you?

Season Share is a concept created purely out of necessity by fans for fans. We offer a simple, streamlined solution ridding sports fans of the historically painful experience of the season ticket. Finally! Fans rejoiced. Finally.

Season Share is the first mobile app that enables fans to buy, group, split and share season tickets to live sporting events, and we couldn’t be happier to share our vision with you. Our common goal is to make live events more accessible for people just like you and me. We are all in this together. Let’s change the game.
Aaron Holland
Aaron is a third generation, serial entrepreneur who taught himself to code at age 14.  Aaron has played instrumental roles at number of early and growth stage companies. In his free time Aaron mentors startups on growth and is an avid trail runner and cyclist.

jon rappaport season share
Jon Rappaport
Juking and jiving since 1986, Jon is an accomplished 10+ year digital marketing point guard and an apt futballer. With court vision like Magic and the chutzpah to help teams and fans alike, Jon brings corporate and startup perspectives on strategy, marketing and operations to Season Share.
Robert Beadle
VP Partnerships
Born into a competitive family of sports fans and raised an athlete, Robert has been a season ticket holder of the San Antonio Spurs since age seven. With over a decade of experience in finance and sports media (ESPN, FOX), Robert brings Popovitch-style strategy and Ginóbili-like hustle to the team. 
Dennis Estill
Bio coming soon.

Alim Charaniya
Head of Engineering

Passing the rock since age 7, and writing code since 16 Alim is a passionate engineer with experience building enterprise web apps, complex NLP bots, and GUIs for embedded systems aboard the Hyperloop. If he's not busy learning, you'll catch him watching the Atlanta Falcons or Golden State Warriors.

Jason Gonzales
UX/UI Designer
Jason is a designer with 14 years of experience designing web and mobile apps ranging from Microsoft Kinect applications to Android contact centers. In the past, Jason has worked with multiple successful startups and helped improve usability. In his free time, Jason enjoys modern art museums, traveling the world and architecture. 

Advisory Board

Andrew Steinberg
Start-up & Early-stage Investor – Board Member & Advisor

Derek Eiler
Fanatics Collage, Formerly Fermata Partners, CAA Ventures

Jamie Brandt
Vice President, Sales and Service - San Francisco 49ers, NFL Ticketing Committee