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Best Perks offered to Season Ticket Holders by Professional Sports Teams

The joy of being a season ticket holder is unmatched. On top of the games, teams always take care of their season ticket holders with perks throughout the season. We love it. You love it.

From the meet and greets to season ticket holder-only events – being a season ticket holder has its benefits. We curated a list of the coolest examples of season ticket holder perks. Just a little something to get you excited about your team’s upcoming season.

Team & Season Ticket Holder Day at the Amusement Park

We have found multiple instances from teams taking to their local amusement parks with season ticket holders and players! The Stars and Capitals season ticket holders and the entire team to their local six flags. The Clippers took over Universal Studios. Easily one of the best perks. Sign us up!

Boston Bruins (NHL Season Ticket Perks)

To stun ticket scalpers, the Boston Bruins spent time and effort to identify season ticket holders who were scalping all of there. The Bruins then shuffled the tickets over to their season ticket waiting list. You can read the full article here at the Boston Globe. Solid work Bruins.

Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Season Ticket Perks)

The celebrate the franchises 50th year, in 2012, the Chiefs gave personalized Nike jerseys to all season-ticket accounts. PERSONALIZED! To All!

Boston Red Sox (MLB Season Ticket Perks)

After Season Ticket sales declined by 10% in 2013, the Red Sox began making an effort to win back season ticket-holders. They kept it old school and launched a phone bank campaign with CEO Larry Lucchino and third baseman, Will Middlebrooks, placing calls. Imagine receiving a call from your favorite team’s Third baseman to renew your season tickets! Solid effort.

Chicago Fire (MLS Season Ticket Perks)

The Chicago Fire really takes care of their season ticket holders. 1 scarf per season ticket, first chance at international matches in Chicago, season ticket holder only tailgate party and meet and greet autograph sessions. Pure fuego fandom.

Utah Jazz (NBA Season Ticket Perks)

With a curveball, the Jazz once sent all season ticket holders a waffle maker. This is a true story. A waffle maker. Makes sense. Kudos Utah Jazz…

Did we miss anything? What have you received as a season ticket holder benefit that you enjoyed? Hit the comments section below to let us know.


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