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What Your MLS Season Ticket Dollars Get You

Soccer (Futbol) fans rejoiced when the MLS formed in 1996. That was just two years after the 1994 FIFA World Cup paved the way for American Soccer fans proving the concept in the USA. The MLS is now bigger than ever and currently houses 20 total teams— seventeen in the United States and three in Canada (as of 8/26/2016).

MLS teams offer fans several types of season ticket options ranging from multiple game packages to full-season ticket packages. There are multiple perks for being a season ticket holder in the MLS and Major League Soccer is one of the most flexible American professional sports league for season ticket holders.

Scarves on top of scarves are what you’ll have, being a season ticket holder in the MLS. Over 80% of MLS teams provide “rally scarves” for season ticket holders. The scarf tradition dates back to the 1900’s in the United Kingdom. The scarves were used to keep warm during colder games. The UK tradition is alive and well with MLS ball clubs around America.

Teams like DC United give fans game options throughout the season with their flex-exchange program. For example, if you can’t make it out to the game tomorrow, (catch: you must let them know 12 hours before game time) the team will take the tickets and move them to any other game of your choosing – doubling your tickets for that game. The Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew also do this so check with your local MLS club to see if they offer the flex-exchange program for season ticket holders.

Most MLS teams offer buddy vouchers thought-out the season – a great way to build fans through current season ticket holders. You can expect a team store discount from almost all MLS teams ranging from 10-15% off with occasional season-ticket-holder-only flash sales. Don’t forget the fan-only special events, movie, and amusement park nights. An Orlando FC season ticket holder even mentioned he received mascot ticket delivery!

See you on the pitch soccer fans!



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