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What Your NFL Season Ticket Dollars Can Get You

As a season ticket holder of any team in the NFL, you are automatically eligible to join the Membership Club that grants fans access to exclusive benefits from the NFL and its partners.

Benefits of The Membership Club include:

  1. Exclusive access to NFL Redzone and NFL Game Pass free of charge
  2. 15% off all orders from NFL Shop
  3. Discounted subscription to DIRECTV

However, NFL season tickets are in such high demand that 24 of 32 NFL teams claim to have a waiting list for their season tickets. The Green Bay Packers first sold out their season tickets in 1960, and currently have over 73,000 names waiting for their opportunity to purchase season tickets. The last fan to be offered Packers season tickets has been on the waitlist since 1990. The estimated wait time for Packers season tickets is 30 years, while only 6 other teams have waiting times of over 10 years.

While it may be difficult to obtain season tickets in the NFL, current season ticket holders benefit from playoff ticket priority, member events, and discounts on luxury suites. Most NFL organizations offer current season ticket holders a premium season ticket membership option that gives its members exclusive access to pre and post-game events, VIP entrance, access to luxury lounges, and exclusive meet and greets with players.

Fan perks included in season ticket packages differ based on the team and league, the value received from each dollar spent as a season ticket holder can vary. The NHL, MLB, and NBA reward their season ticket holders with a lengthy list of benefits that carry many types of value. While the NFL does offer its highest-paying season ticket holders special treatment, simply possessing season tickets is an accomplishment in its own.



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