The Best Oregon Duck Season Ticket Holder Perks

Becoming an Oregon Ducks Season ticket holder, be it for football or basketball season tickets, is unmatched. On top of the games, teams always take care of their season ticket holders with perks and added benefits throughout the season and even beyond the season. We love it. You love it.

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From the meet and greets to season ticket holder-only events – being a season ticket holder has its benefits well beyond the feeling that you get from being a true supporter of your team. We took to Oregon Duck fans to find out their favorite season ticket holder perks. Just a little something to get you excited the Ducks upcoming season.

Oregon Duck Season Ticket Holder Perks

  • Fans unanimously thought that getting early access for other events held at the University of Oregon, specifically at Matthew Knight Area (MKA) and Autzen Stadium, early was the top perk. We agree 100%.
  • Oregon Football Season Ticket holders loved getting a parking spot at Autzen Stadium. All fans know how on gameday parking might be the number one nightmare besides an embarrassing loss. Oregon Season ticket holders can avoid that nightmare!
  • Discounts and Financing Options. Duck Season ticket holders also have access to special discount and financing options by receiving over a 10% discount off single-game pricing. Renewing season ticket holders have the option to finance payments into five installments, interest free. When using Season Share, you can even split Oregon season tickets with your friends, family and other Duck fans to help with any costs or concerns about time commitments.
  • Rumor has it that there is a special club at Autzen Stadium – “The Club” – Season Ticket Holders have exclusive access to this “club” during the spring game.
  • One of our favorite perks from the Oregon Ducks hooks-up Season Ticket Holders with their names inside the player tunnel at Autzen Stadium. That is awesome!
  • Secret Sale! Season Ticket Holders also gain early access to Oregon’s Annual Surplus Sale and exclusive access to an open practice in the Fall.
  • Priority Access to the Postseason! As with most Season Ticket Holders, of course you will gain priority access to postseason tickets. Go Ducks!



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