Can’t make it to every match or afford a full Season Ticket?

 Through Season Share you can now save time and money by splitting and sharing your Season Tickets with up to three other City fans. Download the Season Share app to purchase, split and share Season Tickets.
Split Season Tickets
Who we are.
Orlando City Soccer Club and Season Share have partnered to help City fans split and share tickets for the 2020 MLS season. Get the best seats at Exploria Stadium at the best prices. Period. We are season tickets for modern life. Welcome to Season Share.  
What we do.
We allow fans to browse available ticket inventory or upload an existing season ticket to share with friends or other City fans through the app. Customize your season tickets by selecting the games you want to attend during your live Game Draft. Finally, shared tickets are here! 
How we do it.
We work directly with Orlando City Soccer Club and Ticketmaster to allow fans to split and share season tickets through our first-of-its-kind mobile app. Just download the app, choose your seats or upload your season tickets, invite your friends, choose your games, and tickets are available directly within your Orlando City Account Manager account. 

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You got questions? We got answers.

What is Season Share?
Season Share is a mobile application that allows fans to split and share ticket purchases or existing season tickets. Think of us like Airbnb for sports tickets. Season Share is a concept created purely out of necessity by fans for fans. We offer a simple, streamlined solution for City fans to split both new and existing ticket plans. Season Share is the first mobile app that enables fans to buy, group, split and share season tickets to live sporting events. Our common goal is to make season tickets more accessible for fans just like you.
How do I use Season Share?
Download the Season Share app and create an account. Choose Get Season Tickets to shop available inventory or Upload Season Ticket to share an existing season ticket. Invite share partners from your contact list to split your ticket package or post a fraction of your season ticket for sale using the "Public Listing" feature. The Group Leader can schedule your group’s Game Draft any day up to seven days in advance. The Game Draft allows you to select your games in a snake-style draft (similar to fantasy sports). After the Game Draft tickets are available in your Orlando City Account Manager account where you can manage your tickets throughout the season. Enjoy the game!
I already own a season ticket, can I use Season Share?
Yes! When season tickets become available within your Orlando City Account Manager account download the Season Share app, create an account and select Upload Season Tickets. Choose Private Group to invite your share partners or Public Listing to post a portion of your season ticket for sale. Choose how many people you want to split your ticket with and connect a payment account to receive payments from your group members after the Game Draft. Once your share partners download the app and create an account, they will make payments for their portion of the season ticket directly to you, the group leader. Once the group members have completed their payments, you will be prompted to schedule the group's Game Draft. After the Game Draft, individual games tickets are automatically transferred from your account into the Share Partner's accounts. After tickets are transferred, you can manage your tickets through the Season Share app, or directly within your Orlando City Account Manager account. 
How do I invite my friends to a ticket group?
After logging-in to Season Share select “New Season Ticket Group” or “Upload Season Ticket” if you already own tickets. After you select available inventory or upload your existing tickets you can send invite codes to your share partners directly from the app via SMS. Once your share partners receive the code, they simply download the app, pay for their portion of the ticket and are then notified when the Group Leader schedules the Game Draft.
The MLS season has an odd number of games. How are games distributed and how are fans charged.
Games are distributed amongst group members in the Game Draft. Season Share charges users based on the number of games selected in the Game Draft. 
Who gets first pick in the Game Draft?
Good question! The Group Leader gets the first pick in the draft. The Group Leader is the person who created the ticket group or uploaded their existing tickets to share. The draft order is set based on the order that ticket members are added to the group - so when you get your Season Share invite, make sure to create your account and submit payment to ensure you get a good spot in the draft order. 
Do I receive season ticket member benefits as a Season Share member?
All season ticket member benefits remain associated with the Group Leader’s Team Account. The Group Leader is the original owner of the season ticket for any uploaded tickets or the first person to make a payment on new season ticket groups. 

Benefits include:
- 10% off merch and concession
- On field experiences
-Exclusive rewards and access  
- Complimentary admission to the Orlando City Preseason Tournament.
- Trade in tickets for matches you cannot attend for tickets to future matches “subject to availability”.
- Exclusive pre-game food and beverage discounts. Discounted pricing on additional single game tickets.
- Presale opportunities for Orlando City matches as well as other concerts and events at Exploria Stadium Complimentary tickets to select Orlando Pride matches.
How does the Game Draft process work?
Our Game Draft process is a fun and engaging way for fans to divide the games in any season ticket package. Just like fantasy sports drafting, fans get an equal amount of high, mid and low tier games as the package is distributed to group members during the drafting process. Choose wisely and enjoy the game.
How do I access my tickets after my game draft?
Within 48 hours after the game draft, tickets are available within your existing Orlando City Account Manager account or directly on Season Share. If you don’t have a Orlando City Account Manager account, the app will prompt you to create one prior to the Game Draft.
I have more questions - where can I get customer support?
You can get direct customer support by chatting with your dedicated Season Share support rep within the app’s chat area or by using the customer support button, available on most pages of the app. You can also email

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