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San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Kickoff Giveaway – Winner Announced!

Are you ready Faithful? Season Share & the San Francisco 49ers are bringing you a very special giveaway.

San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Kickoff Ticket Giveaway

Are you ready Faithful? Kickoff the 49rs football season with Season Share’s San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Kickoff Ticket Giveaway. Enjoy the first home game of the 49ers football season with this massive giveaway.

One winner will take home this Ultimate Kickoff Ticket Giveaway featuring;

VIP Parking
4 Club Level Seats
4 Pregame Field Passes
4 Passes to Michael Mina’s Tailgate Pregame
This is awesome! There are multiple ways to enter and the more you enter, the more chances you have to win this awesome 49ers giveaway from Season Share.

You ready for football? We are.

Faithful then, Faithful now. Go 9ers!


  • Ruben Holmes
    Go 49ers
  • Bradlee Mayall
    It's a great opportunity to get free stuff
  • Jeremy Hernandez
    I love my 9erz!!!!
  • Gabriel
    I love the 49ers but the thing is I don’t have money for tickets but i still will be watch on the tv the games 🤪🤪
  • Travis gaffney
    9er gang lets go
  • Mike Murphy
    I just can't wait for this season to unfold. Go Niners!
  • Alan Harding
    Saw 49ers at Wembley back in the 80s ,,Huge Fan ever since.
  • Alan Harding
    Saw 49ers at Wembley in the 80s been a huge fan ever since.
  • Janeva silva
    Our whole family has been 49er fans for decades
  • Natalee Antonini Spriggs
    Cant wait to see Jimmy Carry the niners!!!!!
  • Andres Navarro
    Come on this will be my first football game
  • Jeff Carter
    Can't wait for the season to get started!
  • Jeff Carter
    Niners all the way
  • Maximo londonio
    Lets go 49ers faithful
  • Eddie Lopez
    It would be a dream come true to win this ultimate prize
  • Eddie Lopez
    49er Faithful always
  • Carlo Benin
    Go niners
  • Sherry G Deyoung
    Faithful then, faithful now!
  • Let's go niners can't wait untill the season starts
  • ivan rivera
    always stay professional and improve every day
  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Love my 49ers!!!
  • Jessica Parra
  • Sonny Parra
    This would be a great gift for my wife.
  • Theresa A. Soto
    Go Niners!
  • Monica Wyman
    Niners Baby ... Win or lose always always a fan no matter what
  • Monica Wyman
    Niners Baby
  • Monica Wyman
    Number 1 team Niners
  • Charles shultz
    Can i get airfare from VIRGINIA also please
  • Ricardo Carrillo
    I would love to go to the game. #1 fan
  • RAQUEL rosa
  • Bruce Lamb
    Go Niners ..
  • Anthony Dobbs
    Our year
  • I would love see the 49ers in there new stadium Levi’s stadium see the 49er win
  • Roxanna Alaniz
  • james mcelrea
    love my team
  • Luis meono
    Getting ready for some 9er Football
  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Go Niners!!!
  • Daniel
    Viva Los Niners!!!!!!!!
  • Mike Landa Jr
    Die hard Niner LANDA’s
  • Roberto Ramirez
    Go niners
  • Termeria wells
    9ers all day!!! Ready
  • Brandon brinkley
    Lets get it 49ers!!!
  • tammy wilson
    super bowl bound, lets go 9ers
  • Gerald Dixon
  • andrea timmons
    would be my husbands dream come true to see the Niners!
    • I volunteer all year round for the NFL ALUMNI chapter Redwood city, and this would be a blessing and a great way to say thank you for all the support and volunteering that i do.
  • andrea timmons
    would be my husbands dream come true to see the Niners!!
  • david galante
    my wifes a huge NINERS fan... im a huge Lions fan!!! LETS GO LIONS
  • Art Real
    My wife has been ill and we haven’t gone to a game in 4 years now she is in a wheelchair and this would be a blessed day to enjoy. GO NINERS💯🙏🏼
  • Art Real
    It would be great to attend game it’s been 4 years since we’ve seen a live game. My wife is in a wheelchair and this would be a blessed day to enjoy. GO NINERS💯🙏🏼
  • Gladys Restrepo
    Go 49ers!!!!
  • Gladys Restrepo
    49ers all the way
  • Lina Pineda
    Go 49ers..
  • Adela Hernandez
    Forever 49ers!
  • Let’s go! Can’t wait for the season to start!
  • Vince Torrez
    Go Niners!!!
  • Pam Blades
    Quest for 6th Jimmy ,Niners all the way!!!!
  • Pam Blades
    Go 49ers
  • Brian Nauta
    49ers for life!
  • Tiana
  • Eric Johnston
    Go niners!
  • Ana
    I bleed Red and Gold
  • parlee threets
    Great gift for my dad GO NINERS
  • Kyle Herbold
    49ers for life, Red N Gold till I'm dead and cold SFaithful at ya best
  • Robert Lemuel
    A Gift For My Fíance , Just Got Engaged & She Is A Die Hard Fan! Go NINERS !
  • Brandie Harmon
    I am a substance abuse counselor always giving back and this would be a treat to my self! Love the 49ers!!!!!
  • Angelica
  • Christina Miramon
    49r Faithful!
  • E Ramirez
    Love my Niners win or lose.
  • stacy kimbel
    I will continue to volunteer for all the great fundraisers that the NFL alumni put on win or lose Im a faithful
  • stacy kimbel
    Need a blessing always faithful

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