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Season share frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Season Share?
Season Share is a mobile application and web ticketing platform bringing the shared economy, like Airbnb and Lyft, to Season Ticketing. Season Share is a concept created purely out of necessity by fans for fans. We offer a simple, streamlined solution ridding sports fans of the historically painful experience of the season ticket. Finally!

Sharing Season Tickets has never been more convenient. At its core, Season Share is the first mobile app that enables fans to buy, group, split and share season tickets to live sporting events. Our common goal is to make live events more accessible for people just like you. We couldn’t be happier to share our vision with you. Let’s change the game.
What are Season Tickets?
Sports Season Tickets grant the ticket holder access to all regular-season home games for one season without any extra charges. The ticket usually offers a discounted price over purchasing a ticket for each of the home games individually via the secondary market or through ticket brokers. Typically, season tickets offer sports fans better and more preferred seating options.
What are the benefits of being a Season Ticket holder?
There are many benefits to being a season ticket holder. Some of those are;
- Possible options to buy tickets for other home games (such as playoff games) earlier than other fans.
- Possible options to priority tickets when buying for their team's allocation at an away game.
- Possible options to preferred seating at special events or extra games at their teams home venue.

You can find more season ticket holder benefits by league here.
How is Season Share different vs. standard Season Tickets?
Historically, season tickets had to be purchased directly from teams. Over the years, sports fans have been searching for new way to access season tickets in a impler, more comfortable formatWe hope Season Share provides that for you. We work with all your favorite teams on our quest to make season tickets more accessible and a more enjoyable experience for fans around the globe.
How do I use Season Share?
Download the app (coming soon!).
Join or create your season ticket group.
Invite friends and family or we can help you find others interested.
Select your section and number of seats - transparent pricing is provided along the way so you can make the best decision.
Attend your season ticket draft with your group.
Select your season tickets in a snake-style draft (similar to fantasy sports).
Open the app on gameday and pull up your tickets for that event.
Enjoy the game!
Can I invite my friends to a ticket group?
Yes! After logging-in to Season Share, simply choose the “Private Group” option when selecting your seats. Once you have selected the Private Group type, you will be prompted to choose your sport, team, section, seats and season type. After that process has been completed, the app will generate and offer a unique code that you will be able to send to the other members you have selected from your ticket group via Season Share invite. They will receive an email with a unique code. You friends can then download Season Share (if they haven’t already) and join your ticket group using that unique code.
What if I don’t have friends? How can I join a group with other fans?
No one to share tickets with? No problem! We got you.

Simply select the “Public Group” type and the app will pair you with other fans based on your budget and how many games you want to attend. 
I already own season tickets. Can I upload an existing season ticket then split it with my friends or other fans?
Yes! To upload an existing season ticket, simply select “Upload Season Ticket” from the group creation screen. At that point you will be prompted to log-in to your Ticketmaster account using your Account Manager email and password from Ticketmaster. Quickly select your season ticket, which seats you would like to split, and confirms your group type. We suggest choosing a Private Group if you want to invite people to the group or a Public Group to have your tickets paired with other fans. Once your group is formed, you will split your season ticket using the Season Share ticket draft and all group members will be paid, or billed accordingly.
What teams and events do you support for season tickets?
Season Share is working on ticketing with more and more sports teams on a daily basis. Don’t see your favorite team or event? Email us at to let us know.
What platforms is Season Share available on?
You'll soon find us in the App Store and via our Web App at Android will be coming soon.
How can I share my ticket with someone else?
Any Season Share sports ticket has the option to be shared by SMS or email to someone else within the app from the "Tickets" section of the App or WebApp. Just tap “Share” and send the ticket to a contact via SMS or email. This feature is only available for certain teams. 
How do I update or add my payment information into Season Share?
To add, delete or update a credit/debit card or another payment method to your account, open the “Payment Options” section under the “Settings” tab from the top menu bar. There you can update your payment information and make any necessary changes to your payment methods. 
What is the difference between PSL, CSL, COA, SBL, and Seat Option?
All mean the same thing; they are a Seat License for a sports team stadium. PSL is the standard acronym and is used most by all NFL teams. PSL is short for either Permanent Seat License or Personal Seat License. CSL stands for Charter Seat License. COA stands for Charter Ownership Agreement. SBL stands for Stadium Builders License and is used by the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers. PSL and Seat Options are used interchangeably by some teams.
How are Stadium Builders License or SBL’s and/or Personal Seat License or PSL’s handled within Season Share?  
For All New SBL/PSL and Season Ticket Sales

Once a season ticket transaction is completed between Season Share and the purchaser (s), Season Share owns the SBL or PSL, until the license cost has been paid in its entirety. Season Share requires that a percentage of the SBL or PSL is charged toward the purchaser (s) at time of purchase to satisfy our partnership relationships with teams, stadiums and city governments - as necessary. This “Personal License” fee is mandatory and enables Season Share to provide our services for fans. This allows Season Share to offer financing on the SBL/PSL as a line-item fee on the ticket rather than paying for the toal SBL/PSL cost up-front. Until the SBL/PSL cost has been paid in full, Season Share will hold the SBL or PSL under the “Season Share” name to satisfy the “one name” owner clause required by teams, stadiums and city governments. Fans will have irrevocable and ongoing rights to retain ownership of the SBL/PSL associated with their seats as long as the seats are renewed. Once paid in full, ownership of the SBL/PSL will transfer to the first name on the ticket group. If your group does not renew, Season Share will retain ownership of the SBL or PSL.

For Existing SBL or PSL holders

Season Share does not require any change in ownership or additional requirements for existing season ticket holders who own the SBL or PSL when managing their ticket on the Season Share platform. Nothing changes for the current SBL or PSL holders when using Season Share.

How does Season Share distribute the benefits and special events of being a season ticket holder to group members?
For individuals buying into the SBL or PSL for new season tickets through the Season Share platform, all season ticket benefits are distributed to season ticket holders directly from Season Share. Season Ticket holder benefits for Season Share members are determined on a team-by-team basis. Please get in touch with our fan support team for any team-specific fan benefit questions.

For individuals buying splitting season tickets without a SBL or PSL purchase, all season ticket benefits are distributed to season ticket holders directly though Season Share. Season Ticket holder benefits for Season Share members are determined on a team-by-team basis. All prize packs will be offered to everyone in your season ticket group. Season Share will also segment season ticket holders (STH) to distribute season ticket benefits justly.

Please get in touch with our fan support team for any team-specific fan benefit questions.
What is Season Shares Return Policy?
All primary ticket sales through the Season Share platform are final. Any refund/return questions or issues with tickets bought/sold/shared on the Season Share platform should be handled directly with the Season Share fan support team. Refunds on secondary ticket sale/transfer will be determined on a case by case basis.

Simply put, if you encounter an issue caused by our technology when sharing or re-selling a secondary ticket, we will do everything in our power to make it right.

A draft? Wait! That is how do I select my Season Tickets on Season Share?
You know it! Awesome right? The fairest way for everyone to have a chance at the best games is via a randomized season ticket draft. So choose wisely!
How does the draft process work?
Our ticket drafting process is a fun and engaging way for fans to divide the games in any season ticket package. Just like fantasy sports drafting, fans get an equal amount of high, mid and low tier games as the package is distributed to group members during the drafting process. Choose wisely and enjoy the game.
What does SRO mean?
SRO means Standing Room Only. These types of live event tickets provide you with entry into your event, however, there will be no assigned seat for you - they are for standing room only. Examples venues that have this are; the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium and the Washington Redskins FedExField.

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