70% Of Season Ticket Holders Split Their Tickets with Other Fans.

In a world dominated by fractional ownership and monthly memberships, the legacy tactics of season ticket sales are challenged more than ever.
Season Share has created a technology solution to solve for this - putting the power of customization in the hands of consumers while retaining the important affinity connections that fans want to have with their teams through ticket ownership. Think of us like Airbnb for season ticketing. We make season tickets more affordable, accessible and marketable to a younger audience while providing more data and transparency on share partners and ticket usage to teams. 
The best part...
Through our primary platform integrations, we are able to offer our technology to teams at no upfront cost. We charge a low, flat fee only when tickets are sold and accounts are retained on our platform. We are a ticket sales platform, uniquely positioned to complement your existing sales cycle and maximize your existing sales staff. Using Season Share to target millennials, recent alumni, young families, and similar customer demographics allows your sales staff to focus on the money, premium inventory, and group sales. 

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