The Future Of The Season Ticket

“Most fans today do not buy full-season tickets, instead they choose to split a package with friends or colleagues. Now it’s up to the teams to vary their ticket packages, as well as how they sell them.”
-Ryan Tanke
 COO, Minnesota Timberwolves
Every demand situation is unique. Now more than ever, price integrity must be considered when evaluating the future of the season ticket for your business. Season Share has been engineered for strategic introduction into any demand environment to drive sales, retention and lead generation while retaining value for your exiting STMs.

Fans demand flexibility, transparent pricing, packaged value, and dedicated customer support. However, sales and ticket operations staff are often stretched thin, with a large and growing list of responsibilities within their organizations. Season Share takes a new approach, offering direct customer support while operating as a vital technology solution partner. We make the future you have envisioned for your FSE business a reality with turn-key products and custom solutions. 
A Home Run For Your Sales Team
Through our primary platform integrations, we are able to bring teams online quickly and require no change in your day-to-day workflow. Season Share works seamlessly with your existing ticketing service provider and we offer both performance and licensed based pricing models. No matter the team, market, or demand situation, we are a force multiplier, uniquely positioned to complement your existing sales and service team performance.  

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